MIFT Organisation is non-Political, profitable, governmental organisation. Registered under Society Acts 1860 working in district Swat Khyber pukhtoon khwa established on 10th October 1998 and registered April, 12, 2004.MIFT organisation provides various programmes in catastrophes, Famine and natural disasters such as Earth quack, Flood, etc .MIFT organisation is working in Education to increase literacy rate, provides free health services and emergency relief to the Community free of race, religion and cost. The goal of the NGO is to establish a prosperous, Moderate, Developes and educated Society. It gives me a great pleasure to introduce MIFT which stands for Mutahida Islahi Falahi Tanzeem., means to guide human beings to the right path by equipping them with right knowledge and skills. MIFT as a new and energetic Organization consisting of highly qualified and experienced personnel for from various fields that is social, medical, engineering, education etc. I am confident that MIFT Organization will solve the problems of the community by empowering them with knowledge and skills. KHURSHID ALI KHAN CHAIRMAN MIF ORGANIZATION


Socio-economics satisfaction, peace and prosperity in the world through human empowerment and development


To serve the society to improve the education, health to develop themselves and to make their own plans of future OBJECTIVES To promote and provide formal and informal vocational training and skills education to the masses in general and marginalized segment of the Female and Poor in particular. Formation of medical centre in rural areal and to provide free costmedical services to deserving patients. Treatment of Narcotics addicts to conduct seminar and workshop for its prevention. To Provide free books and uniforms to deserving students. To create awareness about the drawback of over population To provide facilities to refuges everywhere To make collective efforts against child labour To provide the facility to a patient to shift from small hospital to a large hospital by Ambulance service. To promotion of education Providence of Dowry to deserving girls To Provide useful information on agriculture to small farmers To create awareness on pollution To provide useful information about the advantages of forest, fisheries and cottage industries. Legal assistant for innocent prisoners in jails To assist in legal proceeding against these prisoners Holding of Seminars for the betterment of Mankind on National and inter national level